HUGELY POPULAR Sitcom Show, Takes MASSIVE Pro-Life Stance – Liberals FUMING!

HUGELY POPULAR Sitcom Show, Takes MASSIVE Pro-Life Stance – Liberals FUMING!

WOW! It’s not too often you hear something like this coming out of Hollywood! The Big Bang Theory has aired the cutest scene that has people talking…because of the sweet message it shared. A message not so sweet to those who are Pro-choice…because sadly to them, the baby in the womb, is not a human yet…BUT check this out!


From The Political Insider:

A recent episode of the hit television show The Big Bang Theory tackles numerous things that anti-life zealots on the left find objectionable.

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You know, things such as ultrasounds during a pregnancy, listening to the unborn babies heartbeat, oh and declaring the child to be – GASP! – an actual person!

Via CNS News:

CBS’s The Big Bang Theory focused on the pregnancy of one of their characters in the latest episode on April 7, which featured the new parents listening to the unborn baby’s heartbeat and calling the unborn baby a “person.”
Addressing pregnancy in a way that might astonish some abortion advocates, a friend of the couple exclaims when they hear the unborn child’s heartbeat, “You guys made a person!”

“We did,” the unborn baby’s father, Howard, agrees.

You can watch the clip from the Big Bang Theory below …

You made a person. Oh the actual humanity!

You may recall that last week, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared that the ‘unborn person’ the couple in the clip above are rightfully fawning over, has no Constitutional rights.

In an interview with Meet The Press, Clinton declared “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

While most pro-life advocates were appalled that she would declare a child to have no constitutional rights, leftists jumped on her for even daring to declare that child a ‘person!’ THAT’S how radical and extreme the left is.

Planned Parenthood advocates complained that Clinton would even dare to use the word ‘person’ in her comments, because it ‘misleadingly implies a sense of humanity.’

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Good grief… shut-up planned parenthood…

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