I wanna eat like you! In a stunning development, an ape named Kanzi builds a fire and roasts marshmallows [Video]

The imposing size of a Goliath, with the gentleness of a child… an ape named Kanzi displays human-like intelligence and characteristics by expertly building a fire and roasting marshmallows as a snack. It’s truly an amazing thing to watch and warms the heart, while potentially burning the mouth. Kanzi is acting in a very human manner.

Cooked to perfection: Kanzi, a bonobo ape, amazingly builds a fire and roasts marshmallows.

From the Daily Mail:

In the Jungle Book, orangutan King Louie sang about wanting the secret to man-made fire – but it looks like another ape beat him there.

In amazing video released by Animal Planet, a bonobo ape named Kanzi is seen building a fire to roast marshmallows.

Kanzi breaks down kindling, and stacks wood before striking a match and creating a campfire.

it’s a spectacular moment to witness as fire is considered to be one of the main steps in the development of human civilization.

Kanzi then gets a stick and skewers a handful of marshmallows and heats the sweets over the blaze – burning a few in the process as even the most attentive humans would.

Nonetheless, Kanzi tucks in to eat the marshmallows right off the stick, sans chocolate and graham crackers.

Although I am thrilled to see Kanzi be able to do what is done here, I disagree with the Animal Planet host. This by no means removes the last barrier between primates and humans. And it does not mean that given the chance, apes can be just as smart as humans. They did not evolve that way for a reason. Kanzi appears to have been expertly trained and is one heck of a student, but it almost seems like a PETA propaganda piece.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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