Jeb Bush Slow Jams The News [Video]

Boy, the media loves Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. And no matter how humorous and cool the Tonight Show tries to make Jeb, he’s God-awful boring. It’s like being bushwhacked with a dead trout. He’ll all but assure the Hildebeast lumbers into the White House. Just cringe-worthy. America has overwhelmingly screamed they don’t want a Bush/Clinton election, but that’s exactly what’s being shoved down our throats. I hear a third party calling. It’s not funny… it’s insulting.

From Breitbart:

NEW YORK (AP) — Republican Jeb Bush is already looking for a new job. For one night only, the presidential candidate is replacing Brian Williams as a comic straight man.

Bush is being featured Tuesday on the “Tonight” show’s recurring “slow jam the news” skit with host Jimmy Fallon. The job requires the former Florida governor to recite lines while Fallon, stylized as a 1970s soul man, offers a double entendre.

Obama and Mitt Romney have “slow jammed” with Fallon, but suspended NBC anchor Williams has been most commonly featured.

When Bush offers a line in Spanish, Fallon says, “I didn’t realize I was interviewing Gov. Pitbull.”

That’s a crack aimed at the Miami-born rapper Pitbull.

Wow… does Jeb Bush find sexual innuendo, conservative? “After months of being a total caucus tease, Jeb finally made up his mind and quit beating around the Bush,” Fallon sang during the slow jam. Black Thought also referred to Bush as a “master debater.” But no mention of a real debater such as Ted Cruz. Nope, he’s beneath them, which I might add, is very hard to do. Governor Pitbull, my arse. More like Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas. The media is on board with Progressives on both sides of the aisle running for President – just don’t run a true conservative. We’ve got a country to change into a banana republic and either Bush or Clinton will fit the bill. What a laugh riot. Not.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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