Liberal Snowflakes And Race-Baiters Are Calling Classic Movie Remake ‘Fascist’ And ‘Alt-Right’ Based On Its Trailer [VIDEO]

Liberal Snowflakes And Race-Baiters Are Calling Classic Movie Remake ‘Fascist’ And ‘Alt-Right’ Based On Its Trailer [VIDEO]

A new major motion picture starring Bruce Willis is now the target of the radical hypocritical left, as they have deemed the film “fascist” and “alt-right” based solely on the trailer alone. It’s a remake of the Charles Bronson ultra-violent classic “Death Wish,” which tells the violent story of a vigilante who takes crime-fighting into his own hands.

Leave it to the radical socialists on the left to project their own fascistic ideals on a simple movie remake. The roads these lunatics have to take to try and come across a coherent and factual argument is as twisted as their morals.

In the trailer, Willis depicts a doctor in Chicago whose family falls prey to a violent crime. Impatient with how law enforcement is handling his family’s case, he goes seeking justice on the culprits and plays judge, jury and executioner.

Film critic Alan Zilberman was unquestionably negative about it, tweeting out, “Eli Roth’s Death Wish remake is so nakedly fascist that alt-righters will have an erection before the trailer ends.”

I don’t think this man has the ability to separate his utter hatred for Trump and his alt-right supporters long enough to give an unbiased review.

Forbes’ film critic Scott Mendelson tweeted out a very uninformed tweet, “Fair or not, I can’t think of a more tone-deaf idea in this political/social environment than white filmmakers remaking #DEATHWISH…”

The film is a remake…by a JEWISH director. Notice how Mendelson can’t help but let his self-hating racism out by blaming ‘white’ filmmakers?

And then we have ‘progressive’ film critic Adam Best piling on with his biased and delusional tweet, “Many conservatives exploit Chicago’s rep to grossly misrepresent Black Americans, US crime. Death Wish shamelessly piggybacks on that smear.”

Then he tweeted out this garbage:

“In a country where Trump has angry white men foaming at the mouth with rage, do they need encouragement to take to the streets with guns? Angry, old white man becomes an armed vigilante against Chicago civilians. That’s a dangerous message. Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?”

Ugh…I guess we should all look towards the ‘peaceful’ Antifa black shirts as models of good citizenry…what kills me is that this is a film. A remake. A BRUCE WILLIS one, directed by Eli Roth – a Jewish director who’s wheelhouse is violent flicks.

Hey snowflakes! GET OVER YOURSELVES! Not everything is about you and your need to inject politics into everything. Chill and let people enjoy a dumb action movie.

Here’s the trailer that is triggering so many snowflakes:

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