This man’s domesticated, cute pet skunk is way more adorable than it should be [Video]

I know her name is Fiora, but he does call her Fifi… her full name could have been Fifi le Fume. And she is absolutely adorable! She is one gorgeous, tubby ball of fur and obviously very loving and playful. Probably makes a great pet as long as the scent glands are removed. They sort of remind you of an odd cat – a la Pepe le Pew. Her claws look way serious though. Think I would get those cut. Just sayin’. This is at 3 AM in the morning, so she must be kind of nocturnal in nature. Fifi loves plastic bags. Go Fifi!

From Rare:

While many online videos star cute cats and dogs, very few star cute skunks.

YouTuber Christopher Choate looked to change that Thursday by introducing the Internet to his pet skunk Fiora.

According to Choate, this is his third skunk, and the animals make for surprisingly loving pets.

“I went through a list of about 50 exotic animals that I wanted to own and come to the conclusion the skunk surprisingly was on the top of the list,” Choate wrote on YouTube.

“Low shedding, no allergenic, litter box trainable, absolutely loving animal and their the best lap pets known to man. Haha. When I found out you could take out her scent glands when she was a kit, I decided I would give them a shot. Fifi is my third skunk,” he wrote.

I didn’t realize you could train a skunk to use a cat box. Interesting. Think I’ll stick with cats though. Pets are a wonderful gift to us. They keep us sane and amused. They lift our spirits. Fifi is just too adorable for words. She has a great, loving home and lots of room to play. She must be a hoot to live with. I love they way she runs and waddles. She’s not shy about getting right in his face either. Talk about a surprise for guests.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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