Months After Cancelling ‘Last Man Standing’ ABC Schedules Debut For Illegal Alien Series

Months After Cancelling ‘Last Man Standing’ ABC Schedules Debut For Illegal Alien Series

ABC received a lot of flak after canceling their hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” and now they’re set to debut a new show that is on the opposite side of the political spectrum. And boy howdy are people upset about it.

The new show, entitled “Sanctuary Family,” is about exactly what you would expect.

It follows a married couple who takes in their nanny and their family, who are illegal immigrants. I suppose this is supposed to be one of those propagandist shows that is supposed to gin up sympathy for illegals in the midst of the DACA debate.

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I guess this all but puts to bed rumors of a potential revival of the pro-American show, as we simply can’t have that kind of sentiment popularized on the television when they can more easily divide us if we don’t share a love of country.

A description of the show states that taking in the family puts strain on the couple’s marriage, but soon they discover that the differences between the two families were not as significant as the similarities. Such feel good. Very warm and fuzzy. Wow.

This is one of three shows focused on illegal immigrants that will be hitting your television screen. (Well, probably not YOURS, but you get the idea.)

One show, which will air on Fox, will be called “In The Country We Love,” and will follow a lawyer who begins pro-bono work for illegal immigrants after having her parents deported back to Columbia while she was a teen. Awe.

The other show, which is going to CBS, will be titled “Have Mercy” and depicts an illegal immigrant who can no longer practice medicine after moving to Miami. To remedy this situation, she opens up a clinic in her apartment to treat her community. (As a former medical care worker, the idea of someone giving medical care from their apartment makes me full-body cringe. Can you say unsanitary?)

Many people on social media voiced their displeasure with the new content, with some saying that they will no longer watch the networks promising to air the shows.

So, liberals who refuse to “normalize” the President of the United States are now normalizing criminal behavior?

These networks have the right to air whatever they want, as they will, but we also have the right to not watch it. Something tells me that these shows aren’t going to do so well in ratings.

Of course I could always be wrong.

But I probably won’t be.

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