Paw power! Plume the cat smashes through wall of snow to get dinner – proving he’s still got the moves at 14 years-old [Video]

Now, that’s funny. Never get between a cat and his dinner. Never. I have cats and they have done similar things. They have terrific personalities and have a wicked sense of humor. One thing’s for sure… it doesn’t matter what time of day or night or what you are doing, if a cat is hungry, you are going to know about it in a big way. Enter Plume, the Spartan kitty. Heh.

Still got it: Plume – who is incredibly sprightly despite being 14 years-old –
looks rather startled as he comes to a standstill on all fours.

From the Daily Mail:

This cat won’t let anything get between him and his food bowl – not even a four-inch thick wall of snow.

Ann Got, 25, from Gaspe, Canada, filmed the moment her pet feline, Plume, busted through an icy barrier in a bid to get his paws on some treats.

Footage shows her calling for the pet to come indoors from the cold, before the kitty suddenly catapults through a frosty layer blocking the back door.

Plume – who is incredibly sprightly despite being 14-years-old – looks rather startled as he comes to a standstill on all fours.

He then gives her fur a slight shake and nonchalantly slinks off. Ann is seen laughing at her pet’s antics.

She said Plume had performed a similar stunt before.

Then, following another dumping of snow on Monday she decided to set up a camera to catch the animal in action.

To date, her 38-second long clip has been watched more than 600,000 times.

Many viewers have deemed Plume’s snow-busting moves ‘funny’ and ‘cute’.

Got says she has been surprised by the reaction it has received.

She noted: ‘We have had some people say he was thrown through [the ice], which he was definitely not.

‘He’s just a very straightforward cat.’

Guess they make cats tough up in frigid Canada. Four inches of snow – meh. Piece of tuna. Plume sure brought the ice and snow inside. Bet his owner spent a little bit of time cleaning up that mess. A small price to pay for dinner to be served. I guess Plume has done this before as well. I have a 15 year-old cat named Fluffy (No, I did not name her… my daughter did. Sigh.), who still runs circles around us and beats the crap out of our younger and fatter male cat. She loves to lay in wait and spring on him. She has gotten crankier in her old age and takes it out on Shadow though. No matter her age, she is lightning fast with claws. Our cats love the snow like Plume does – but they love their food even more.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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