How could you resist feeding a cat that innocently begs for food like this? [Video]

Man, I am a sucker for cute cat videos. This would be one tubby cat if I owned him – I would never be able to say no. The ‘please, can I haz fish?‘ begging thing would do me in every, single time. Of course, I have two cats and spoil them every chance I get. They know just how to get to me, too. Cuteness kills, folks.

From Rare:

This cat loves him some fish. So much so, in fact, that he’s learned to beg.

How can you resist feeding a cat with paws folded, as if to say “please, can I haz fish?”

I wonder where he learned to do his paws that way and beg? He’s a smart feline and beautiful too. My cats – they love to nom on tuna or salmon. I can hear the Vet having a coronary right now, but they love their fish and they eat Paleo. Raw fish is the best – accept no substitutes. I’ve seen other cats beg this way too. It’s a potent form of manipulation used on humans. Just too cute. I have a cat that is very, very cute and he uses the one claw approach. Funny at first, highly annoying later, but it works every time. It’s worth it to watch him do a face plant into the bed when he sleeps and he snores. Hilariously funny.

Must stop watching cute cat videos and work. They’re just soooo addictive. Cats may rule the world one day, just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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