Sources: Duck Dynasty Is About To Be Cancelled

The Robertsons are close, Christian, popular and rich. That means A&E can’t push them around — and they’re telling the network, “No Phil, no show.” Well, it looks like that’s going to : mean “No show.”


On Friday, sources close to the Duck Dynasty Robertson family told E! Online that the family was “very serious” about ending the show if Phil Robertson’s suspension stood. The source said, “They’re an extremely tight-knit family and they’re not going to let this get in the way. [Phil] is the reason for their success — they’re not going to abandon him. They’re also not about to let anyone threaten their religious beliefs.”

…The fourth season of Duck Dynasty has already finished filming, and as usual, includes Phil Robertson as an integral character. The plan is to air the series as usual, with Phil as a character. The question is whether the show will continue for a fifth season with A&E. Should the family finish out the series, it could then move to another network; should they end it prematurely, they would be barred by exclusivity for a longer period of time.

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E! Online reports that the source says that the “most likely scenario is that the series will end up being cancelled.” The source said, “No one can really imagine the show going forward without Phil. It would be too weird.”

When this is all said and done, the Robertsons will be fine. Even if they never do another show, they’re loaded, loved by Christians and have a successful business. A&E won’t be so lucky. The network is about to lose a huge cash cow while effectively telling the world it hates Christians in a nation that’s 70% Christian. If the executives at A&E had any brains, they’d be placating the Robertsons behind the scenes and looking for a face-saving way out of the mess they’ve created for themselves.

Are they that smart? It’s doubtful. After all, if liberals had common sense, Obamacare wouldn’t exist.

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