The Beginning of the End for Rosie and Whoopi as ABC Considers Abandoning The View Because of Low Ratings

The Beginning of the End for Rosie and Whoopi as ABC Considers Abandoning The View Because of Low Ratings

The View is dimming at the show that Barbara Walters built. After 18 years on the air, it looks like the formula for ‘The View’ isn’t causing much chemistry in American Households any longer:


Network insiders tell Daily Mail Online that the long-running talk show could end after this season, amid struggling ratings and infighting among the talk show hosts. Currently in its eighteenth season, the show created by retired TV journalist Barbara Walters is suffering some of its lowest ratings ever with its new team of Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez.
Now under the umbrella of ABC News, the network is considering the possibility of ending the show and replacing it with an extended version of ‘Good Morning America.’

‘The brass at ABC feels like they’ve tried to do everything possible to breathe new life into this show,’ said the insider. They moved it from ABC Entertainment Daytime to the ABC News division, that was having so much success with Good Morning America.
But in spite of the changes, nothing seems to be helping the sluggish ratings for the show.

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‘They’re ready to abandon ship at this point,’ the source told Daily Mail Online.

When contacted by Daily Mail Online, a show spokesperson denied any plan by ABC to end the show. ABC News is winning in the morning show wars with GMA and the network hoped that the magic of that team could rub off on The View. Despite multiple changes to the set, a new show introduction, a shift to softer topics and adding guest co-hosts to the show, ratings still have still declined.

‘ABC feels it’s exhausted their options with The View and now it’s time to expand the existing franchise, GMA. They feel that since GMA is already beating NBC’s Today during the first two hours of the broadcast, why not extend the morning broadcast,’ the insider revealed.

In 2012, following the cancellation of talk show The Revolution, ABC launched a test show called Good Afternoon America, the network’s first extension of GMA. The temporary summer series hosted by Lara Spencer and former GMA anchor Josh Elliott performed well in the ratings for ABC and the network said then that it would consider bringing it back.

‘The idea to bring back Good Afternoon America is something that’s strongly being considered. They believe the success of GMA could carry over right into that 11am slot that The View currently holds,’ another insider said.

Spencer, who previously hosted the news magazine series The Insider, has been itching to do that show again because she likes the pop culture-oriented format.

There’s internal talk that ABC would use one of the newer GMA contributors Ryan Smith or T.J. Holmes as her co-anchor on the re-launched show.

‘They plan on shooting some test shows in the coming weeks to freshen up the Good Afternoon America concept. They plan to shoot a few pilot episodes following GMA going off air and retooling the show just in case they need to have it ready for a late summer launch,’ the source revealed.

Cancellation of The View would be more that costly for ABC, to the tune of $5 million dollars. Goldberg gets paid regardless of the airing of the show. The limits on the other contacts include only one year for O’Donnell, and Perez and Williams get paid nothing if the show cancels. I have to say, every time I tuned in to The View, it was on accident. A bunch of ancient, catty fossils talking about handbags and wrinkle cream is just so not me. The B-List ‘celebrity’ hosts do nothing for me, and clearly, with sinking ratings, I am not alone I my feelings. I am hoping that this show will finally say sayonara, and if it does, best of luck to you ladies. If not, well, I guess its one more thing for me to quickly skip through on the channel guide.

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