The little dog laughed! The moment a ferocious 3.5 lb Chihuahua scared a 105 lb Great Dane into a corner [Video]

My take on this cute video is a bit different here. I don’t think the Great Dane was terrified. These dogs were playing with each other. The bigger dog was curious and didn’t want to hurt the little dog. Both bigger dogs were playing with the Chihuahua who was having a great time with them as well. I think they were all happy, but I think that laugh was a yawn… just sayin’.

Little vs Large: This little Chihuahua proves that he can pack a punch as he coerces a 105lb Great Dane –
more than ten times his size – into a corner.

From the Daily Mail:

Who says size matters?

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This little Chihuahua proves that he can pack a punch as he coerces a 105lb Great Dane – more than ten times his size – into a corner.

A home video shows the dinky dog holding court in a living room, with him barking and raising his hackles at his large opponent.

The Great Dane swiftly backs away and jumps up on a couch.

He looks down at the Chihuahua from his safe resting place as the manic barking continues.

Another dog enters the scene and sits in-between the two contenders in a bid to break up the fight.

The clip was filmed by Matt Sorrells from North Carolina. His family are seen in the video watching the animals in action from the sidelines.

He said his Great Dane named Duke was truly terrified by his mother’s 3.5lb Chihuahua.

To date the clip has been viewed thousands of times. Many Chihuahua owners have said that their pups can be equally ferocious.

‘Mine frightens bigger dogs too! Feisty little dogs!’ one viewer said.

I have seen small dogs like Chihuahua’s fight viciously – they are brave souls. But there is a big difference between playing and fighting. This looks to me like canine fun to be had all around and is adorable. The dogs look like they are having a much better time than the humans. I didn’t see any raised hackles – just lots of happy barking and tail wagging. Some rush and give chase was involved – all very ‘doggy’ antics and all totally lovable.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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