This Woman Was Walking Down Her Driveway – Watch What Comes Out of the Woods to Confront Her [Video]

I think this is adorable! Usually, I would be afraid of the deer cutting up the woman with her hooves, but she seems so gentle. And she looks so healthy here. I guess she had a fawn of her own and then stayed out in the wild doing what mommy deer do. But for just a little while, she made a new friend with this woman and they seemed to love each other. It’s almost storybook worthy. I have always loved deer. I miss not seeing them here in Oklahoma. They are some of the most graceful, beautiful creatures out there.


A woman leaves her driveway and is met by an unusual greeter every day.

The woman reportedly leaves her driveway and calls out, “Little girl? Little girl?” Then, from the woods, a small deer emerges! The tiny deer is very hungry, and super cute!

The little doe comes running out to greet the woman.

That little doe really loves milk! And comes when called ‘Little Girl.’ I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. The woman in the video must have a real gift with animals. I wonder how all that got started? Must have been a relationship that would have been worth watching develop. Not many women would willingly let a deer in their kitchen, but she seemed to have absolutely no problem with it. What a wonderful little story and video.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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