VIDEO: Adorable cat can’t get away from incredibly affectionate Rottweiler

I’m surprised the feminazis and Van Jones are crying ‘rape’ over this. Forced licking and cuddling… it’s an outrage, I tell ya! Seriously, I can’t tell whether Aaron, the cat, is happy, terrified or both. Sometimes he looks ecstatic… sometimes he looks like a guest of the Marquis de Sade. Sam, the rottweiler, is cleaning the heck out of Aaron and cuddling with him. Wait for it… next Aaron will be holding a sign that says: “I can’t breathe!” It’s lovable abuse between animal buds. Sam may view Aaron as a living, breathing, fluffy toy to be snuggled with. The look on Aaron’s face pretty much says it all – help!

TLC: A new home video shows a Rottweiler named Sam giving Aaron, his kitty companion, some undivided attention.

From the Daily Mail:

Who says dogs and cats can’t be best of friends?

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A new home video show a Rottweiler named Sam giving Aaron, his kitty companion, some undivided attention.

With the feline gripped in between his two front paws, he showers it with affectionate licks and head-crushing cuddles.

As he gets carried away with the petting session, the cat is seen with its eyes squashed back.

One viewer observed: ‘Kitty looks like it’s alternating between absolute terror and thinking “Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”‘

At least Sam is a real gentle giant and Aaron won’t have to find another sign that says: “Hands up, don’t shoot!” Sigh. You won’t find any political agendas or hyped up race wars here. Just cuteness, pet kisses and cuddles. Sam really has Aaron pinned to the floor between his paws. That’s one cat that’s not going anywhere, any time soon. Wonder if Aaron tastes like chicken? It’s obvious Aaron got squished in the process of all the lovin’ going on. Love hurts and in this case, it’s also slobbery. We’ve just got to find a way in this country to deal with black on gray slime.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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