[VIDEO] CUTE Panda Bear Gets Frisky In His First Snowday!

We should all have such fun playing in the snow! As it was snowing in Toronto, cameras caught the Giant Panda Da Mao ‘bear-bogganing’ in his outdoor exhibit. Not sure which winter sport he is playing, but it has to do with slide, roll and eat it looks like. I’m sure for the adorable bear, snow is something he looks forward to. It’s what he’s made for, thus the uber fur coat. Da Mao looks healthy and frisky and ready to play in his winter wonderland.

Da Mao, the Toronto Zoo’s male giant panda, plays in the snow.

From Discovery.com:

After wet snow blanketed the greater Toronto area on Monday, a male giant panda named Da Mao made the most of what was clearly an enjoyable turn of weather events for him, thestar.com reported.

In this video captured by the Toronto Zoo, the big fella can be seen amusing himself by rolling around in the snow, sliding down a hill on his back (who needs a sled when you’re a panda?), and even seeing how good snow might be to eat. Play the video below to enjoy his wintery frolicking, but prepare to be hit by an exceedingly large cute stick.

Da Mao first arrived at the Toronto Zoo in March 2013, alongside his lady friend Er Shun, who will be joining her beau when both move to Calgary in 2018.

So very cute! Pandas are beautiful, playful bears. I am sure this one will be glad when his mate arrives. Almost makes one long for Canada, doesn’t it? The Panda must be a huge hit with the kiddies there. Da Mao is certainly a highlight for the zoo since Pandas are an endangered species. Wish he had a different name than that of a murdering, communist leader, but hey… His frisky playing makes up for it. He even eats the snow. I think winter has truly arrived when the Pandas come out to play.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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