Violent, Bloody Gun Show In Kitchen Gone Wrong [Video]

I don’t consider this funny. I knew it wasn’t real, simply for the fact that they were giving blows that in real life would have either really messed them up or killed them a lot faster. Is this really what we consider humor now? I wouldn’t want my kids to see it. Hell, I wish I hadn’t seen it. It’s uber violent – using deadly violence as humor. It’s done decently – it’s just that anyone with a lick of sense would know it’s not real and at the same time be revolted by the antics. I enjoy humor as much as anyone, but this isn’t humor. I’m not sure what it is.

This sets a very bad example for kids and anyone who thinks this is funny has a screw loose. It’s cringe-worthy. If they were looking for the shock factor, they got that part right. It appears to be a take on bloodsport – a fight to the death for entertainment. I find that very, very disturbing. Have we devolved that much? Are we now that bloodthirsty? So jaded and bored by it all, that bloody fighting to the death slakes our thirst? That’s just plain depressing. These guys should put their talents to better use in my opinion. Next thing… they’ll be eating the hearts of their opponents for ratings.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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