AGW Today: Biofuels May Kill Off The Flat Headed Cat

In the push for more and more crazy, and barely above worthless, replacements for oil because oil is bad for the climate, or something stupid like that, there are real consequences

If you believe the myth that all cats hate getting wet, then you’ve yet to meet the flat-headed cat. With webbed feet and a streamlined head perfectly adapted for speed in the water, these strange felines not only like the water, they practically live in it. They are also recognized as the world’s least known feline.

And unfortunately, they may remain mysterious. According to National Geographic, a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE has indicated that the flat-headed cat’s habitat is rapidly being transformed into vast biofuel plantations.

Native to the swampy peat forests of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, the cats are nocturnal, elusive, tiny (they typically weigh between 3-5 pounds) and difficult to observe. There are also only two flat-headed cats in captivity anywhere in the world – both in zoos in Malaysia – so little is known about them.

Imagine this was a development by some EVIL oil or coal company. The climate alarmists and other envirowackos would be up in arms. For bio-fuel? Not so much. Me, I’m up in arms over them all. The flat headed cat is losing up to 70% of its environment, all for a fuel that barely works. A damned shame.

Is global warming real? Yes. Is it mostly or solely caused by Mankind? No. Let’s get back to deal with real environmental issues, rather than destroying the environment to attempt to mitigate a fake issue.


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