AGW Today: That Coming Ice Age

Aren’t you glad we have the NY Times to tell us things like this?

Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age

The human-driven buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere appears to have ended a slide, many millenniums in the making, toward cooler summer temperatures in the Arctic, the authors of a new study report.

Scientists familiar with the work, to be published Friday in the journal Science, said it provided fresh evidence that human activity is not only warming the globe, particularly the Arctic, but could also even fend off what had been presumed to be an inevitable descent into a new ice age over the next few dozen millenniums.

Well, this is a new tactic by the Climahysterics, eh? “If it wasn’t for those pesky humans and their SUVs, we would be in an ice age. Everybody panic!!!!!”

So, if we follow the NY Times, then it is a good thing that Mankind is causing global warming, so, everyone crank out that CO2!

However, all this is is an attempt by True Believers to cover up the cyclical nature of, well, nature. It has warmed quite a bit since the end of the last ice age, but, during that time of about 18,000 years, we have had warmer and cooler periods. We are in an overall warmer period now.: And there are all sorts of other reports coming out that state the Earth is heading toward a cooler period of several decades, perhaps longer. More and more scientists and others are falling out of love with the consensus that Mankind is at fault and that the science is settled. Here’s another one.

Of course, the EPA and the Obama admin. are planning on bypassing Congress and just making up burdensome rules regarding CO2.

Anyhow, I wonder if this talking point designed to cover up the current cooling trend will catch on? When it continues cooling, they’ll say “see? It’s because we reduced our CO2 output.” It is all CYA.

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