AIP Column: Climate Change Legislation: A Man-Made Unnatural Disaster

Here come Barbara Boxer and John Kerry to unsave the day and destroy the world. Just a bit:

What Barbara Boxer and John Kerry have crafted is yet another payoff to cronies couched in world-saving terms. It’s a pay-off to California. It’s a pay-off to environmentalist wackos. And, it’s all based on flim-flam science.

Americans need to know how bad this all is for them. This bill, along with health care and card check will kill the American economy. It is not without irony that I write this post the day that Angela Merkel of Germany wins in a landslide on tax cuts. The German people see the mistakes they made and move away from them. American liberals, filled with hubris, believe that somehow their grand plans will be different. They’re right. If they enact these bills, America will be worse off than the worst European socialist state.

Please go read the whole thing. I talk about what it will do for taxes, the economy and who gets paid off and why. And it’s all based on b.s. science.

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