ANWR Shows You What A Bunch Of Wackadoodles Make Up Today’s Environmental Movement

You couldn’t pick a much better spot in the United States for a massive lake of oil than ANWR. You hear people talking about it being a “pristine natural wilderness,” but in fact, it’s not a vacation spot — it’s in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, drilling can be done without harming the wildlife in the area and the people of Alaska strongly favor drilling. Also, keep in mind that we’re talking about drilling on dry land in an isolated wilderness. There’s no BP oil spill or ugly oil rigs spoiling the view for tourists to worry about. Then there’s the price of gasoline? Have you noticed how much it’s crept up in the last few months? How about headlines like this?

Branson Says Crude Oil Prices Might Hit $200 a Barrel Without New Policies

In other words, there is absolutely no legitimate reason not to drill ANWR. None. Nada. Nobody can even give you a coherent explanation of why he doesn’t want to drill. These people babble something about nature, which makes no sense whatsoever given that more than 70% of America is still forestland.

Yet, what are we hearing from the
environmental wackos?

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President Obama is being urged to bestow national monument status on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for its 50th anniversary in what supporters say would finally put the refuge’s coastal plain beyond the reach of oil companies.

They want the country’s largest and most untamed refuge to join the likes of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Giant Sequoia groves of California, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and George Washington’s birthplace in Virginia.

National monument status could put an estimated 11 billion barrels of recoverable oil beyond the grasp of oil companies forever.

Yeah, let’s block access to a sea of oil other nations would go to war over during the middle of a recession because….hey, look over there! There’s the real world and then there are environmentalists. Never shall the two meet.

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