BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues DEVASTATING Blow to Obama

BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues DEVASTATING Blow to Obama

The Supreme Court just issued this loss to the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency in a case addressing whether property owners would be forced to obtain a ‘use permit’ from the federal government. It was a unanimous vote…


From Western Journalism:

The Hill reports the Court ruled unanimously that a “landowner can appeal through the federal court system a determination from the Army Corps of Engineers that a water body is subject to federal jurisdiction and permit requirements under the Clean Water Act.”

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The justices held in the case of Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co., Inc, that if the Corps determines an owner’s property to be wetlands that is a “final agency action” and therefore able to be appealed directly through the federal court system.

“For more than 40 years, millions of landowners nationwide have had no meaningful way to challenge wrongful application of the federal Clean Water Act to their land. They have been put at the mercy of the government because land covered by the Act is subject to complete federal control,” principal attorney M. Reed Hopper of the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation said in a statement Tuesday. “This victory guarantees the rights of millions of property owners.”

Critics of the rule see it as another instance of the Obama administration engaging in executive overreach without legal authorization from Congress.

More federal power grab over citizens. In what FREE country would a landowner have to ask permission to build on his own property from the federal government in the first place? The whole idea that the federal government should be involved in personal land rights just seems 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL. However, this is huge… after forty years of “takings” without due process, the EPA must now face a torrent of challenges in federal court. I’ll take it.

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