Climate Alarmists Love Solar So Much That They Have To Stop It

How many times have I mentioned that climate alarmists are continuously talking about the need for alternative energy sources, yet, when push comes to shove, they’ll go and attempt to block any construction of solar, wind and hydrothermal energy plants? They’ll protest, gnash their teeth, file lawsuits, and be general pains in the rear end. Case in point

(San Diego’s East County) — Local and statewide activists battling massive energy projects on public lands are praising a decision issued by U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns yesterday, while the CEO of Tessera Solar says he is “deeply disappointed” in the ruling.

The federal Judge issued a temporary restraining order halting construction on the first massive desert solar project authorized on public lands–a project that if built, would be one of the largest solar power plants in the world.

The Court ruled that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management failed to adequately consult with the tribe regarding protection of 459 cultural resources identified at 300 locations on the site in Imperial County. Burns noted that the BLM’s draft environmental impact statement found that the project “may wholly or partially destroy all archaeological sites on the surface of the project area.”

Guess who cheered this?

Environmentalists, desert enthusiasts, and rural residents have objected to the project on numerous grounds including impacts on desert bighorn sheep and other threatened or endangered wildlife, destruction of historic Spanish and Native American trails, and more.

I’m sure lots of other climate alarmists/environmentalists will jump right in and decry this ruling, saying we need these alternative power plants operational as soon as possible…..oh, wait, they are completely silent.

Statewide, several major solar projects have run into legal obstacles, Reuters reports. Environmental groups have filed suit to block a Solargen plant in the Panoche Valley. First Solar’s Topaz Plan in San Luis Obispo has drawn opposition from environmental groups over the impact on endangered San Joaquin kit foxes. SunPower’s proposed California Valley Solar Ranch also faces opposition on habitat destruction grounds in San Luis Obispo.

So, they say they want these projects, at least as they discuss them during their continuous fundraisers, but, try and actually build one? Nope. They will always find something else more important, whether it be a because of endangered kit foxes, ancient burial grounds, or simply “habitat destruction.” They’ll always find some reason to complain.

As a side note, I’ll point out again that I do not particularly like these huge projects, either, for not only the same reasons stated by the enviroweenies, but, because they take up massive amounts of land, and there are not viable ways to store the power for use when it is dark outside. But, then, I’m not the one out there screaming about the massive need for these alternative energy projects, spending lots of federal tax money on them, nor the need for “green jobs”, as well as energy that doesn’t release greenhouse gases. The enviroweenies are.

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