Copenhagen: Have The Greens Failed? Plus, What’s The Weather Forecast?

The Politico asks the question, “Have the Greens Failed?” After some yammer about reducing CO2 output, we get

Yet as green activists converge on the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, their sense of disappointment is palpable, even with the eleventh-hour decision by President Obama to attend the summit on Dec. 9. What was seen in the heady days of 2007 and 2008 as the likeliest venue for a new international agreement on carbon emissions now caps a year of mixed results. While the American political system has, in many ways, seen a total transformation in its capacity and willingness to tackle such a transcendent issue, some of the traditional obstacles remain – primarily the age-old laws of partisan politics and the limits on how much ambitious legislation Congress can absorb at one time.

Here’s where I have a huge issue: the climate alarmist movement has only been about the actual environment during the brief opening days, when scientists were actually interested in what the deal-e-o was. Right after that, the chicken littles hijacked the real environmental movement, which had already been hijacked by extremists, and, by real environmental movement (of which I have been, and still am, a part of), I mean those who care about the water, the air, the land, in saving nature and the animals to the best of our ability. The climate alarmists have somehow deemed that CO2, a gas that is needed for life, and which has actually increased plant life, is bad for the environment, so, now we have to save the frogs from anthropogenic global warming, not from water pollution, defoliation, loss of habitat, etc.

They have hijacked every notion about clean energy, such as solar and wind farms. Of course, they are also the first to block the actual building of said clean energy projects. “Hey, if we put a hydro-electric damn up, we can get lots of clean, and consistent, power.” Climahysterics: “um, no. You might harm a snail.”

I’ll cut what could be a long, long rant right there. I’ve done it more then once, and do not want to put the day in a funk, especially with this on the horizon

Piers Corbyn astrophysicist of long range forecasters announced on 17 Nov at Weather Action’s monthly Press conference: “We are giving our forecast for the Denmark /Copenhagen /SW Sweden & S Norway region during the summit period free to attendees and the public to enable them to better prepare for blustery rain, snow and cold or icy blasts which we are 85% confident will dog the region for most of the summit.

The blustery or wintry blasts are caused by predictable solar activity effects and are nothing to do with CO2.

We are 85% confident that the Copenhagen Climate Summit period will be hit by embarrassing disruptive blustery sometimes snowy deluges and icy blasts in parts of the region; and 99% confident that President Obama and the conference leaders will put the politically driven falsities of Climate Change hype and cover-up of the facts before scientific evidence and the well-being of humanity.

Now, that would be funny. Copenhagen is generally rather tepid for winter weather.

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