Could Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Get More Absurd? UPDATE: Oh, the irony! UPDATE: Video Up.

UPDATE: Oh, the irony! The American Thinker article I sent to Charles, rebuts the video I’m told is on the top of his blog, by Peter Sinclair of course. I’ll make my own rebuttal to Sinclair this week. (see below)

UPDATE2: I made the video.

I wrote several months ago about my confrontation with Charles Johnson and subsequent ban from Little Green Footballs. Since that time, I’m sure everyone has noticed him bashing the Tea Party protesters for being part of a racist movement, and jumping on the Global Warming hysteria bandwagon.:  While the former is inexcusable, the latter can be corrected by simply taking the time to look at the data.:  Sadly, it appears Charles has only taken the time to watch a few videos from Al Gore’s apprentice, Peter Sinclair.

Within the last two weeks, to help inform Charles about the data, I sent Charles a lecture from Richard Lindzen, Ph.D. M.I.T. Climatologist (a higher quality lecture with better sound will be uploaded next week), and earlier today I sent him phenomenal analysis from the American Thinker about what “Hide the Decline” actually means. I advise everyone to take a look at both.

Well, after sending Charles the American Thinker link this afternoon, I am now banned from Little Green Footballs.

No, I don’t mean I cannot comment. I don’t mean I cannot share links. I mean I cannot view his website.:  Instead, I get a 403 Forbidden page.

Evidently, sending Charles a lecture from a professor about climate science, during a week when he is writing about climate science, and a link about the tree ring data to explain what “hide the decline means,” conflicts too much with his religious, yes religious, beliefs.

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