Ecokooks Prevent Saving Valley Forge Forest

In a country infested by moonbats, there isn’t much you can do without facing a lawsuit. Here‘s what happened when plans were made to cull the massive herd of over 1,200 deer devouring the forest at Valley Forge:

[T]he Pennsylvania chapter of Friends of Animals has begun a campaign called the Coyote Coexistence Initiative, an outgrowth of a lawsuit the group filed last year to try to stop the deer shoots. That suit, still active, helped delay the first kill for a year.

One of the Friends’ arguments is that park officials did not fully consider the role of natural predators — specifically coyotes — in maintaining a stable deer population. The initiative seeks to promote respect for coyotes as important players in the environment and to reduce what has been a dramatic increase in the number of coyotes killed in Pennsylvania.

Encouraging the growth of the coyote population will spare deer the inhumanity of a quick bullet; instead they will be torn apart and eaten — as will area pets and quite possibly children.

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Like all liberal solutions, it is highly unlikely to work:

Lee Hall, vice president of legal affairs for the Friends … acknowledged it would take time for coyotes to affect the deer population, but asked, “What’s the emergency this year?” The group plans to seek a court injunction to stop next month’s shoot.

Park officials say, however, that time is slipping away. Because of the herd’s appetite, the forest has not generated new growth since 1995, and “we simply cannot withstand another 20 years of that,” said Kristina Heister, the park spokeswoman and natural-resource manager.

Typically, politically correct posturing and reflexive hostility to guns trump the obvious best interests of the forest. As for children and pets getting attacked by coyotes,

Matthew McLaughlin, director of the Pennsylvania chapter of Friends of Animals … does not underestimate that risk. Some states that treat coyotes gently also educate people about keeping a closer eye on pets and children. Part of the coexistence initiative involves exactly that.

Maybe if you put one of those coexist bumper stickers moonbats are so fond of on your mailbox, it will ward off coyotes looking for slower-moving prey than deer.

Soon to join the tic-ridden deer in suburban backyards.

On a tip from Bill V. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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