Environmentally Correct Cars Eaten by Rabbits

We’ve got yet another one for the Unforeseen Consequences of Sanctimonious Moonbattery file. It seems rabbits have been eating people’s cars:

One air traveler says rabbits took a chunk out of his car while it was parked at Denver International Airport.

After a nine day stay at DIA’s Pike’s Peak lot, Dexter Meyer returned from vacation and found that his car would barely start.

“The (repair man) called me and told me that rodents had eaten through the wires,” said Meyer. That’s what the VW dealer said was wrong with his brand new Jetta.

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“You didn’t just pick the car up from the airport did you?” the dealer asked Meyer. “And I said, ‘well as a matter of fact I did.’ And he said ‘well we’ve had several problems with people having rabbits eating through the wiring.'”

“We’ve seen rabbits and we’ve seen mice and they’re eating up the newer cars,” said Robert Bauguess, owner of Bavarian Autohaus. He said 2002 and newer models seem to be especially tasty.

Cars like Meyer’s use a soy-based compound in the wiring.

Soy-based wiring? What’s wrong with plastic to cover the wires? What the…

Although traditional petroleum-based composites still dominate the plastics industry, they’re ceding market share to their bio-based counterparts. The primary reasons: the rising cost of oil [due to senseless drilling restrictions] and heightened environmental concerns…

Backers of bio-based plastics say soy-based polymers eventually could replace petroleum-based plastics in a wide variety of applications in construction, packaging, electronics, furniture and transportation.

I doubt the polar bears appreciate it, but at least the rabbits, mice, and presumably rats do.

This design was asking for trouble. No wonder it’s for sale.

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