Enviroweenies Want To Control Land And Sea Through ‘Biodiversity’

As climate alarmism fades, meaning the UN and other world and government bodies are losing the means to attempt to control people and property, biodiversity has risen in its place. Here’s the latest

A growing number of creatures could disappear from the earth, with one-fifth of all vertebrates and as many as a third of all sharks and rays now facing the threat of extinction, according to a new survey assessing nearly 26,000 species across the globe.

Do you know how many species there are on Earth? No? Don’t feel bad, because scientists don’t know, either. They guesstimate about 1.7 million. But, that doesn’t really matter in the narrative, because it isn’t about species, it’s about control

In addition, forces such as habitat destruction, over-exploitation and invasive competitors move 52 species a category closer to extinction each year, according to the research, published online Tuesday by the journal Science. At the same time, the findings demonstrate that these losses would be at least 20 percent higher without conservation efforts now underway.

It all sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Much like what happened with anthropogenic global warming in the early years. I mean, most of us can agree that loss of species through acts of Mankind are bad, right? I do. But…….

“We’ve transformed a third of the habitable land on earth for food production,” said Dulvy, who co-chairs the IUCN’s shark specialist group. “You can’t just remove that habitat without consequences for biodiversity.”

Kinda sounds like the climate alarmist argument about reducing Mankind, doesn’t it?

Environmental groups are pushing for a goal of protecting 25 percent of all land on earth and 15 percent of the sea by 2020. At the moment, roughly 14 percent of terrestrial areas and less than 1 percent of the ocean enjoy some degree of environmental safeguards.

And there you have it. First they’ll want 25%/14%, then more. And who is in control? Who makes the rules?

This is the “next big eco-scare” from the United Nations and their unhinged peeps, shifting from global control through climate change.

James Delingpole has more on this emerging scarefest.

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