Furtive Billionaire’s Club Uses Environmentalism to Drive Hard Left Agenda

How has ultra-left environmentalist ideology managed to get such a chokehold over us that we are now paying record prices for electricity? It has big money behind it, and in Washington you can impose whatever you like, so long as you pay for it.

You may have a vision of an environmentalist as a pot-addled screwball with twigs in his hair. But those are just the foot soldiers. Behind them are some very powerful people with some very deep pockets:


James Delingpole quotes a report published yesterday by the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works that points the finger at a “Billionaire’s Club” of ultra-left environmentalists that “lobbies and controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

There is more to this than a collection of kooky billionaires who believe in global warming the way rich eccentrics of the past may have believed in talking to spirits.

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[A] dominant organization in this movement is Sea Change Foundation, a private California foundation, which relies on funding from a foreign company with undisclosed donors. In turn, Sea Change funnels tens of millions of dollars to other large but discreet foundations and prominent environmental activists who strive to control both policy and politics.

Who put up the money? Due to Obama-style transparency, that is not for us to know.

The scheme to keep their efforts hidden and far removed from the political stage is deliberate, meticulous, and intended to mislead the public. While it is uncertain why they operate in the shadows and what they are hiding, what is clear is that these individuals and foundations go to tremendous lengths to avoid public association with the far-left environmental movement they so generously fund.

Thanks to a politicized IRS, they are able to fully exploit the tax code by posing as do-gooder charities while spending many $millions to advance hard left policy objectives, at the same time keeping their identities hidden from the public.

For all we know, the communist Chinese government could be a major player in this, motivated not by worship of the sacred polar bears, but by a competitive interest in keeping the US economy in chains.

In any case, the envirolobby reeks of corruption:

This report proves that the Obama EPA has been deliberately staffed at the highest levels with far-left environmental activists who have worked hand-in-glove with their former colleagues. The green-revolving door at EPA has become a valuable asset for the far-left and their wealthy donors. In addition to providing insider access to important policy decisions, it appears activists now at EPA also funnel government money through grants to their former employers and colleagues. The report tracks the amount of government aid doled out to activist groups and details a troubling disregard for ethics by certain high powered officials.

At least now we know where some of the $millions come from – out of the pockets of taxpayers.

Given a curious media and a public willing to hold the government to high standards, this scandal alone would be enough to drive Obama from power. As it is, we may never know just how rotten the entire environmental lobby truly is, even as it encroaches on what’s left of our freedom and lowers our standard of living in the name of a lunatic ideology.

07-30-2014 Collusion Report.pdf

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