Global Warming Extremist: Copenhagen Summit Not Nearly Extreme Enough!

NASA moonbat, James Hansen, thinks the upcoming Copenhagen Summit is a farce because it doesn’t do nearly enough to destroy the world economy in order to fight a hallucination:

James Hansen, the director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told The Times that he planned to boycott the UN conference because it was seeking a counter-productive agreement to limit emissions through a “cap and trade” system.

“They are selling indulgences there. The developed nations want to continue basically business as usual so they are expected to purchase indulgences to give some small amount of money to developing countries. They do that in the form of offsets and adaptation funds.” he said.

…Next week he publishes his first book, entitled Storms of my Grandchildren, warning that “our planet, with its remarkable array of life, is in imminent danger of crashing” and declaring, “It is our last chance”.

He decries the cap and trade system envisaged by governments trying to “seal the deal” at Copenhagen as ineffective in stemming carbon emissions. Under such systems, governments set limits on overall emissions and polluters trade quotas among themselves.

“The fundamental problem is that fossil fuels are the cheapest form of energy. As long as they are, they are going to be used,” he said. “It’s remarkable. They refuse to recognise and address the fundamental problem and the obvious solution.”

He dismisses government announcements of national targets for greenhouse gas emissions as promises that will not be kept, noting that even Japan missed its goals under the Kyoto Protocol. He said that it would be better for the summit to fail rather than reach the type of cap and trade-based system envisaged.

…“We are going to have to move beyond fossil fuels at some point. Why continue to stretch it out longer?” he said. “The only way we can do that is by putting a price on carbon emissions. The business community and the public need to understand that there will be a gradually increasing price on carbon emissions.”

He proposes that the “carbon tax” start at the equivalent of about $1 per gallon of petrol but rise in future years. The tax revenues should be returned directly to the public in the form a dividend, he said.

He added that the world must be prepared to abandon coal unless its emissions are captured and embrace a new generation of nuclear power.

Even a stopped cuckoo clock is right twice a day and Hanson is right about cap and trade. Even if you buy into the idea that the planet is currently warming and man is responsible for it, cap and trade won’t do a thing to stop it.

Moreover, Hansen is right that we will “have to move beyond fossil fuels at some point.” Of course, that point will be when we have something better than fossil fuels.

Putting a massive tax on energy to fight global warming makes about as much sense as abandoning the use of airplanes to keep them from running over faery cities in the sky.

At least the global warming hucksters are starting to be more honest about the economic havoc they want to unleash on the general populace to fight the non-existent problem they’ve created out of thin air.

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