Great Pick: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA

Great Pick: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA

Excellent news. Trump’s tête-à-tête with Al Gore Monday apparently sent him in the opposite direction:

Trump reportedly has nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt is known for waging legal battles against the EPA over its climate change agenda, suggesting that Trump could intend to make good on his promise to “get rid of [the agency] in almost every form.”

Pruitt, a Republican, led the charge in the states’ fight against what he considers an overreach by the EPA on issues including the Clean Power Plan, which aims to combat global warming; the Waters of the United States rule, which aims to protect wetlands and waterways; and the Renewable Fuel Standard, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting wetlands and waterways can mean seizing your property because there is a puddle in your driveway. This must end, and Pruitt is the man to end it.

As for the whole concept of greenhouse gas emissions causing problematic global warming, Pruitt begs to differ from The Goracle, saying that the debate is “far from settled.”

Enviroleftists are reacting as if the sky had begun to cave in on their heads, a sure sign than we are on the right track toward weakening the tyranny they have surreptitiously imposed through the radicalized, unaccountable, and alarmingly powerful EPA.

In sharp contrast, Marc Morano of Climate Depot is ecstatic:

President-Elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt is a breath of fresh air. No longer do we have to suffer under President Obama’s ridiculous EPA ‘climate’ regulations. It is also refreshing that a Republican President is not throwing the EPA over to the green activists and the media by appointing a weak administrator. Christine Todd Whitman he is not! …

Climate sanity has been restored to the U.S. EPA. No longer do we have to hear otherwise intelligent people in charge in DC blather on about how EPA regulations are necessary to control the Earth’s temperature or storminess.

It could be that the EPA has reached peak tyranny and will now begin to fade away. Let’s hope it is not too late to save the coal industry.

Pruitt will call a halt to the moonbattery.

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