Moonbat Tech: The HumanCar

Ecomoonbats are closing in on the cutting edge technology seen in fictional Bedrock, which seems to have inspired their vision of utopia. Behold the HumanCar:


No wait, that’s not it. The real one isn’t quite advanced enough to keep the rain out:


Like the Flintstones’ vehicle, the HumanCar runs on people power.

At first glance it might look a bit like an elongated pedal car for kids, but its designers are convinced the HumanCar Imagine PS is a serious player in the search for cleaner, greener ways to get around. The vehicle converts the rowing motion of the driver and any passengers into rotational thrust to charge a battery and power the vehicle in conjunction with an electric motor.


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Ecofriendliness and lots of exercise aren’t the only advantages:

With much of the interest in the HumanCar focusing on the environmental and physical health advantages of the car, it’s easy to overlook one of the side benefits — the social aspect. According to its developers the car engenders feelings of teamwork and social bonding amongst the occupants. After all, there’s nothing like working together to forge some team spirit.

That’s because everybody has to row for the car to keep running. Even while driving, a good liberal always remembers that it’s not the individual that counts, but the collective.

Another benefit: the people behind you have all the time in the world to read your pro-Obama bumper stickers as you slow traffic to a crawl; the HumanCar “is limited to 25 mph.”

It gets funnier:

The vehicles will be priced at US$15,500 each.

Unfortunately, the HumanCar still uses a battery, which as we know from Priuses makes for a great deal of environmental damage. But inspired by this conceptual breakthrough, Government Motors is taking the next step forward in green technology by eliminating the engine altogether. Here’s the prototype:


If no one wants to buy it, that’s fine; Obama’s union friends will get their lavish benefits regardless, courtesy of our taxes.

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