Moonbat Tech: Warmist Warren

It’s getting ever harder for the environmentally righteous to avoid the fact that the climate is getting cooler, not warmer — revealing the gospel of the Goracle to be a complete sham. Since lies about the weather are easily contradicted by direct experience, even the BBC has confessed that the planet doesn’t have a fever after all. But now you can protect yourself and your loved ones from this distressing information with a ULDU:

Eco Factor: Self-sufficient habitat to house global warming refugees underground. …

Reynard Loki and Jennifer Daniels are thinking about future living units which could house all those people in deserts in self-sufficient underground homes, which they call Underground Desert Living Units or simply ULDU. If global warming does strike at its full potential, people will be made to shift their habitats to drier places such as deserts, where they can afford to live on the land or probably below it.

Reacting to supposedly excessive heat by heading for the desert is admirably original. Just make sure there’s no Internet connection, or reality might follow you down into your burrow.

When it’s snowing in October, keep impressionable kids down below.

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