Moonbats Attempt to Link Earthquake to Global Warming

As predicted, moonbats have wasted no time attempting to exploit the tragedy in Japan by linking it to the nonexistent global warming crisis.

Hours after a massive earthquake rattled Japan, environmental advocates connected the natural disaster to global warming. The president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Staffan Nilsson, issued a statement calling for solidarity in tackling the global warming problem.

“Some islands affected by climate change have been hit,” said Nilsson. “Has not the time come to demonstrate on solidarity — not least solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change and global warming?”

“Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do,” he added.

Maybe Mother Nature will be satisfied if we just throw some virgins down a volcano.

Moonbats quickly took to Twitter to sound off on this latest catastrophic consequence of Global Warming Deniers selfishly using the wrong light bulbs. Some samples collected by Lee Doren of the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

AliceTMBFan said “2 hours of geography earlier talking about Japan has left me thinking… maybe global warming is way more serious then we thought…”

Arbiterofwords tweeted “I’m worried that Japan earthquake, on top of other recent natural ‘disasters’, is a sign we’ve passed point of no return for climate change.”

Tayyclayy noted her frustration by tweeting “An earthquake with an 8.9 magnitude struck Japan… And some say climate change isn’t real?!”

And TeamIanHarding tweeted “While Japan witnessed an earthquake we were talking about the problems that global warming leads to in school. Think. Pray. And change.”

The enviro-kooks at Grist ran a story with the headline “Today’s Tsunami: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like.” But apparently someone pointed out that to anyone outside their liberal amen corner, they sounded like gibbering lunatics. They revised the headline and issued a disclaimer:

The intent of this piece isn’t to attribute today’s tragedy to climate change. Apologies to those whom I misled with the headline.

No, only birdbrains like the tweeters above could be convinced that harmless CO2 causes earthquakes. The intent was to establish a vague link in the murky muddle of sanctimonious bumper sticker slogans that serves the typical liberal for a mind, hyping the true believers a little deeper into an alternate reality where crazed conviction counts for more than fact or reason.


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