Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency Unleashes Most Hungry Power Grab Ever

Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency Unleashes Most Hungry Power Grab Ever

It was bad enough when the EPA declared they had jurisdiction over all water, including puddles. It was a fascist move to gain control of private land and waterways. Now, they’ve gone even farther. This one is just mind blowing… the EPA is now declaring farming furrows as “mini mountain ranges” and declaring they hold sway over them. This is a blatant move for the government to at the very least, control all farming and at the very worst, seize said farms and ranches. In other words, the best case is that it is uber state sanctioned socialism… the worst case, outright communism.

Of course, the EPA refuses to respond to any inquiries having to do with this. That’s par for the course with these guys. Instead, you get bumped over to the Department of Justice where they sing and dance for you and don’t answer a damned thing. They are refusing comment as well saying that because the new rule is being challenged in court, their hands are tied. Right. It’s the legal two-step.


From Allen West:

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When farmers plow their land in preparation for planting it produces grooves in the earth called “furrows.” These furrows are bordered on each side by small ridges of dirt.

The EPA, in its insatiable appetite for control via new regulatory powers, has come up with another term for furrows: “mini mountain ranges.” You read correctly. This entirely absurd distinction is extremely important because, like wetlands, guess who has control over the nation’s mountain ranges? The feds. This ridiculous name –mini mountain ranges– could be enough for the federal government to seize control over private land use decisions by U.S. farmers.

This nonsense has come to light as a result of a U.S. Senate committee report. “A Senate Report on the Expansion of Jurisdiction Claimed by the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act” was released September 20th. America’s two largest environmental regulation agencies, the EPA and U.S. Army Corps (that’s pronounced “core”, by the way) of Engineers proposed this regulatory rule.

The rule uses the Clean Water Act to give the two federal agencies expanded jurisdiction over private land use decisions.

Jason Hayes, who is the Director of Environmental Policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, says that the 1977 amendment to the Clean Water Act specifically exempted plowing as a “normal farming activity.” The EPA is now trying to do away with that exemption. It gets in the way of ‘controlling’ our food sources.

“The Corps even tries to argue that these newly created small mountain ranges hamper the growth and development of wetland plant species, apparently ignoring the fact that farmlands are managed to produce crops, not cattails,” Hayes said. “No reasonable regulation of the nation’s farmland can demand farmers produce crops without moving dirt, or expect farmers to produce wetland plant species instead of corn or wheat.”

Not only have these asshats destroyed the farm basket of America in California with withholding water from farmers… now they want to basically destroy our means of producing food period. They are going to cause thousands, if not millions, to starve to death at this rate. The rest will hardly be able to afford food when the EPA gets done with this insanity.

If this is allowed to go forward, “most if not all plowing” would be considered a “discharge of a pollutant” and require a federal permit. Farmers will be forced to get permits with exorbitant price tags just to plow their own land. And that price will be passed on to all of us.

Within ten years, those permits will be too expensive for farmers and ranchers to stay in business. Only federally funded, monstrous farming conglomerates will remain… and voila! The government will control all our food. Control the food and you control the people. And all of this will be justified under the mantle of climate change.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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