Prince Charles Urges The Commoners Not To Live Like Him

From the do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do files comes Prince Charles’ latest suggestion for how the riff-raff should live their lives:

Prince Charles urges people to abandon car in favour of walking and public transport

The Prince, who has two Jaguars, two Audis, a Range Rover and still drives an Aston Martin given to him by the Queen on his 21st birthday, said developers had a duty to put public transport and the pedestrian at the heart of their housing schemes.

Speaking about the “domination of the car over the pedestrian”, the future King said: “We must surely be able to organise ourselves… in ways in which we are not dependent on it to such a great extent for our daily needs.”

Keep in mind what this is, folks. We have a guy with 6 cars and multiple homes. A man who has spent a significant portion of his life living here…

NFL: London City Views

…lecturing everybody else about how important it is for humankind to forget about those cars and organize ourselves so that we can all use public transportation. Do you think Prince Charles has ever used public transportaion in his entire life unless it was part of some publicity op?

Prince Charles, Al Gore — all these rock stars and celebrities who natter on about global warming — none of them are willing to make any sort of real sacrifice at all. Sure, if they’re rolling in dough, they might be willing to spend more moolah to make their opulent lifestyles more “green,” but none of them are willing to live the same sort of lifestyle they want to force on everyone else.

So, what does that tell you about how serious they really are about global warming? How much of a genuine threat do they really believe that it is? How much of that finger wagging and brow furrowing is real and how much of it is for show, so they can impress their pals with “how much they care?” If even the biggest disciples of global warming alarmism aren’t willing to scale down their lifestyle, why should other people believe them when they claim that other people need to do the same?

Hat tip to Memeorandum for the article.

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