Reversing Survival of the Fittest Through Owl Genocide

Ironically, liberal proponents of Darwinism have worked a miracle of evil by reversing a natural process at the heart of Darwin’s theories: survival of the fittest. Their all-smothering welfare state provides financial incentives for the least fit to produce as many offspring as possible; whereas the taxpayers who finance their counterproductive lives of fecund sloth cannot afford many children and are too busy working to pay their taxes to raise them. Consequently, we are becoming genetically debased: conspicuously less industrious and less intelligent with each generation as we de-evolve into a species resembling an infernal cross between domestic pigs and tapeworms. Try to imagine Obama being elected president 30 years ago. Not content to destroy the human race, liberals also inflict their sanctimonious malevolence on beasts of the wilderness:

[T]he Northern Spotted Owl is a relatively weak owl species because it is a specialist: it thrives only in old-growth forests while eating flying squirrels. It is now being threatened by a generalist: an owl species that will live pretty much anywhere, and eat pretty much anything smaller than it. This species is also highly territorial, and tough, known to harass and kill Northern Spotted Owls on sight (and even eat them).

In sum, there’s a new sheriff in town. Meet the Barred Owl – also known as the “Hoot Owl” (for its distinctive call).

While humans have been kept in check under the Endangered Species act, this tough, adaptable owl species is rapidly driving the Northern Spotted Owl toward extinction, at the rate of nearly three percent a year.

That’s nature for you. The vast majority of species that have existed are now extinct, and not because Democrats lack sufficient regulatory power. However,

if Northern Spotted Owls become extinct at the beaks of the Barred Owls, it will mean that all the work of environmentalists, and all the costs imposed on humans [e.g., crippling the Pacific Northwest timber industry, driving countless people out of work], will have been for naught. Hobbled by the sunk-cost fallacy, those focused on past investments made to save Northern Spotted Owls conclude that letting nature take its course is “not a good alternative when you consider how much resources we’ve already committed” to saving the Northern Spotted Owl.


As Noel S. Williams reports at The American Thinker, this fall federal wildlife officials will launch a “diabolical” program to “lure barred owls by propagating recordings of other barred owls, then shoot the birds to smithereens.” This program follows up on test killings of 73 Barred Owls between 2009 and 2012.

That was just for starters. Like malignant tumors, government programs grow:

The feds will spend $3 million over the next four years to kill another 3,600 Barred Owls, a plan that’s been dubbed “Seduce and Shoot.” This is merely an expanded test program (confined to 1/20th of one percent of territory occupied by the Barred Owl), and the feds contemplate greatly expanding the program if it helps stem the decline of the Northern Spotted Owl.

Noel Williams concludes,

“Our government just doesn’t seem to celebrate success, whether in business or nature.”

The supposed goal of the environmental extremists who run the government is to preserve nature in its pristine state at the expense of humans. But not even nature can escape hyper-regulation by authoritarian do-gooders, and not only taxpayers are made to pay the price for it.

dead barred owls
Owls pointlessly killed on your dime.

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