The Green Fourth Reich

Germany produced many of the key figures in the development of socialism, including Otto von Bismarck, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Adolf Hitler, so it should come as no surprise that some Germans are falling head over jackboots for its most alarming incarnation yet, ecototalitarianism:

When it comes to environmental and climate policy, Germany’s Scientific Advisory Council on Global Environmental Change (WBGU) is an influential advisory committee for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. …

In April 2011, the WBGU presented a report entitled “World in Transition – Social Contract for a Great Transformation“. The main theses of the WBGU are as follows: The current economic model (“fossil industrial metabolism”) is normatively untenable.

“The transformation to a climate friendly economy… is morally as necessary as the abolition of slavery and the outlawing of child labor.” The reorganization of the world economy has to happen quickly; nuclear energy and coal have to be given up at the same time and very soon. …

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All nations would have to relinquish their national interests and find a new form of collective responsibility for the sake of the climate: “The world citizenry agree to innovation policy that is tied to the normative postulate of sustainability and in return surrender spontaneous and [persistent] desires. Guarantor of this virtual agreement is a formative state […].”

This strong state provides, therefore, for the “social problematization” of unsustainable lifestyles. It overcomes “stakeholders” and “veto players” who “impede the transition to a sustainable society.” In Germany, climate protection should therefore become a fundamental goal of the state for which the legal actions of the legislative, executive and judicial branches will be aligned.

Note that all of this rests on the liberal belief that CO2 makes it be too hot out — an unproven theory that has been crumbling in the face of falling temperatures.

Why should people around the world voluntarily give up their demands for material welfare and security? Consequently, the WBGU admits frankly, that the decarbonization of the society can only be achieved by the limitation of democracy – both nationally and internationally.

Decarbonization means deindustrialization — i.e., poverty directly imposed by the government.

Internationally, the WBGU calls for a “World Security Council” for sustainability. The members of the proposed “future chamber” for Germany would explicitly not be chosen democratically and would limit the powers of Parliament.

This time German oligarchical collectivists won’t have to count on the Wehrmacht to impose their dystopian schemes. The United Nations will be much more effective. Democrats can be expected to collude with them eagerly.

For an idea of what happens when authoritarians try to bring about economic transformations on this scale through coercion, refer to Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward, which killed 45 million Chinese in four years and subjected the survivors to a generation of abject misery — and remember that unlike environazis, Mao wasn’t destroying living standards deliberately.

Cooling trend since 1998, as admitted by the US government’s National Climatic Data Center.

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