Toronto Crackdown on Idling Engines

Toronto cabdrivers had better hope the fizzling global warming crisis makes a comeback — otherwise they’re likely to freeze to death in their cars, after totalitarian moonbats have made it illegal to keep the motor running:

In a close race with the United Nations for the most ridiculous decision of the month, Toronto’s city council will consider a proposal making it illegal to warm up the car, or keep the motor running while you pick up the kids. …

The stated reason for this intrusion is that idling cars emit large amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Plus, the behaviour-control forces that make up the dominant left-wing bloc hate cars and want to force people to ride bicycles, which they view as preferable for ideological reasons. Dr. David McKeown, the city’s Medical Officer of Health, came dangerously close to giving the game away when he explained: “While we’re trying to shift people out of cars, into bikes and other forms of transportation, the one thing that should be easy to do is not use our cars when we don’t need to.”

If you insist on driving through the snow instead of riding an eco-friendly bicycle, bureauweenies will make the experience as miserable as possible.

So, it’s 20 below outside and you want to warm the car before heading off to work? Forget it, unless you want to pay $125 [the proposed fine for violations] for the privilege. The kids are at swimming lessons and are going to come running out with wet hair when you pick them up? Tough — Toronto City Council doesn’t believe it’s necessary to keep the car warm for them. And why should taxi drivers be allowed to do their job without freezing in winter or suffocating in summer? It’s not like it will hurt business if tourists wander out of the hotel to hail a cab one July day, and have to slide into the back seat of an overheated oven. Or maybe it will. But who cares? Temperatures will still be lovely inside the offices at City Hall, and that’s what really counts.

If you’re not enraged yet, get this: there would be exceptions for city workers.

Where will they push the envelope next? Probably toward restricting how warm or cool you can keep your house with remotely operated thermostats (with exceptions again for Big Government apparatchiks). After all, if they can make living in a house as miserable as possible, maybe they can get us to move back into trees, where we will be in closer harmony with Gaia. It makes as much sense as expecting people to ride bicycles through Canadian winters.

The future of transportation, as planned by our moonbat rulers, via Cyclodelic.

On a tip from Jander. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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