Trash Collectors Refuse to Pick Up Toxic Eco-Bulbs

Nothing could more perfectly summarize the perverse insanity of eco-fascism than Big Government’s war on the incandescent light bulb. Because sanctimonious bureauweenies are winning this war, traditional light bulbs will soon be illegal, leaving us with inferior yet more expensive compact fluorescents, which are so toxic that garbagemen are balking at their presence in the trash:

Councils across the UK are refusing to pick up low-energy lightbulbs from homes as they contain toxic mercury, which gives off poisonous vapours.

But confused consumers are putting the new bulbs — classed as hazardous waste — in their dustbins when they burn out, potentially putting the safety of thousands of binmen at risk. …

A study by Germany’s Federal Environment Agency found that when [a compact fluorescent bulb] breaks, it emits levels of toxic vapour up to 20 times higher than the safe guideline limit for an indoor area.

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Yet Europeans and Americans alike will be forced to use them anyway — for the sake of the environment.


On a tip from Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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