Wind Turbines Finally Begin to Come Down

At last the beginning of the end has come for the lavishly government-subsidized bird-choppers that have marred the landscape across the Western world:

A wind farm that has been in the Yorkshire Dales for two decades is being torn down, and is believed to be the first to be scrapped in the UK.

The first but hardly the last. As even the most devout fools give up on the debunked global warming hoax, opportunities will arise for entrepreneurs able to repurpose these useless monstrosities for anything other than scrap metal.

The four wind turbines, measuring 45 metres high, were put up in the 1990s but haven’t worked for years.

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Campaigners said the turbines “turned the area into an industrial graveyard” as they celebrated news of the removal of the rusty machines, which will be used as scrap metal.

Locals said they had blighted the landscape and hadn’t worked for three quarters of the time they had been at the site in the Yorkshire Dales.

Peter Rigby, who helped set up the Parishoners Against the Chelker Turbines, said: “It’s been a hell of a fight but we have proved it is possible to stop wind farms.

More good news:

The local council also refused plans to build two even larger machines on the same site beside the 57-acre Chelker Reservoir at Addingham, near Ilkley in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Campaigners said they would have adversely affected several villages and nearby Bolton Abbey, an ancient monument.

Now for the bad news. So long as liberals are in charge, pointy-headed masterminds will always find new ways to throw other people’s money to the wind.

wind farm
Senseless, hideous, extravagantly expensive waste.

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