You’re Creating Global Warming Just By Reading This Story!

Oh, this is bad news! If the earth were warming right now and it was caused by man, then merely reading this article would be as naughty as Al Gore alone in a room with a pretty, young masseuse!

It’s Saturday night, and you want to catch the latest summer blockbuster. You do a quick Google search to find the venue and right time, and off you go to enjoy some mindless fun.

Meanwhile, your Internet search has just helped kill the planet. Depending on how long you took and what sites you visited, your search caused the emission of one to 10 grams of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Sure, it’s not a lot on its own – but add up all of the more than one billion daily Google searches, throw in 60 million Facebook status updates each day, 50 million daily tweets and 250 billion emails per day, and you’re making a serious dent in some Greenland glaciers.

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….If the Internet was a country, it would be the planet’s fifth-biggest consumer of power, ahead of India and Germany. The Internet’s power needs now rival those of the aviation industry and are expected to nearly double by 2020.

Congrats, jerkface! By reading Right Wing News and then doing your search for “Sarah Palin + busty picture” later today, you helped make Mother Earth cry! There are cute polar bears, like the ones in the Coke commercials, that are probably stuck on ice floes because of you! Are you happy now? You’re as bad as…as….oh, I don’t know….Karl Rove or something!

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