Andrew Breitbart Was A Hero Who Died Too Young

Andrew Breitbart is dead. He died far too young and left behind a wife, four children, and a lot of friends.

I only had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Breitbart a handful of times, briefly, and although I didn’t know him that well, I can say that I greatly admired him.

The man was brilliant, he was an entrepreneur, and he worked his behind off to earn his rising star status in the conservative movement. Breitbart was also a warrior amongst political warriors and he seemed to genuinely enjoy going toe-to-toe with the Left. He loved going after their sacred cows and he loved exposing the seething hatred that has become the calling card of modern liberalism. All you had to do to see the mentality of the Left on display was watch Andrew’s Twitter feed. He was on there every day, retweeting the most despicable attacks the Left could throw at him to show the world what they are really like and to encourage other people to stand up to them. To give you an idea of how hard Breitbart worked at it, there are posts in his Twitter feed from seven hours ago and he supposedly died just after midnight California time, which means he was probably tweeting within an hour of his own death. That somehow seems appropriate because whenever I saw Breitbart at a conference, he somehow managed to make his way to the middle of all the action. He’d make it on stage, talk to the bloggers, get into it with left-wing protesters, and somehow manage to tease a big new story before he left the scene. He was a genuine difference-maker and it staggers the mind to imagine what he would have accomplished if he’d had another twenty or thirty years to work with.

Liberals being liberals, you can be sure that there will be a celebratory orgy of hatred today over the passing of Andrew Breitbart. Although most of them are too dumb to realize it, there’s no greater compliment they could pay to a man like Breitbart. Breitbart went after them, he exposed them, and he showed the world what type of people they really are. That’s why they hate him so much. So, when you read what they have to say, post it on your blogs, email it, retweet it, and let the world see what type of people they really are.

It’s what Breitbart would have done.

PS: I know there are no words that can console Andrew Breitbart’s friends and family today, but take heart: In the Bible, God always did seem to have a particularly abiding affection for leaders who were willing to stand up and fight to help put other people on the right path and that, my friends, is a perfect description of Andrew Breitbart.

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