Revering Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela with wife Winnie and Joe Slovo.

Stay away from your TV this weekend if you have a low tolerance for saccharine. As you know by now, former communist terrorist and President of South Africa Nelson Mandela is dead. The liberal establishment has been waiting for decades to conduct his memory to the peak of Mount Olympus.

Although Mandela led a brutal gang of socialist revolutionaries best known for the practice of necklacing; allied himself with a rogue’s gallery of terrorists and maniacs, including Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, and Muammar Gaddafi; and also threw in with the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War, he was far from the worst leader Sub-Saharan Africa has produced. When he took power, he behaved for the most part responsibly, refraining from aggressively repressing whites, in stark contrast to the goons who run South Africa now. No one in his right mind would want to live under him, but he looks great in comparison to racist looters like Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, and Barack Obama.

That Obama is no Nelson Mandela is evidenced by Obama’s shameless attempts to hitch his horse to Mandela’s wagon. Try not to gag:

The truly clueless may believe Mandela was imprisoned in that cell for peacefully protesting. Actually, he was in jail for terrorist acts that legally qualified him for the death penalty.

Mandela’s record was mixed: he was neither a demon nor an angel. So why do the comfy white liberals who paved his way to power by putting the screws to South Africa worship him?

To answer that question, first we have to answer another: What happens now that his moderating presence is gone?

This report from June indicates what South Africa has to look forward to:

Documented cases of farm killings make for gruesome reading, with children murdered along with their parents, one family suffocated with plastic bags and countless brutal rapes of elderly women and young children.

These horrors have prompted Genocide Watch – a respected American organisation which monitors violence around the world – to claim that the murders of ‘Afrikaner farmers and other whites is organised by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa, nationalise farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state’.

Indeed, a disturbing number of whites are terrified that Mandela’s passing will lead to an outpouring of violence from black South Africans…

Current president Jacob Zuma has been filmed singing a cheerful song about shooting whites. Savage attacks on white farmers are commonplace and rarely punished. Affirmative Action has been taken to such grotesque extremes that the government imports workers from Cuba when no qualified blacks can be found. Yet the situation is likely to get even worse.

Alongside [Zuma as he sang about killing whites] was a notorious character called Julius ‘Juju’ Malema, a former leader of the ANC youth league, who is now Zuma’s bitter enemy and is reportedly planning to launch a new political party after Mandela’s death. …

Malema is popular among young blacks, and has also been an enthusiastic singer of Kill The Boer and another song called Bring Me My Machine-Gun.

Polls this week showed a huge surge in support among young black South Africans for his policies, which he says will ignore reconciliation, and fight for social justice in an ‘onslaught against [the] white male monopoly’.

With chilling echoes of neighbouring Zimbabwe, where dictator Robert Mugabe launched a murderous campaign to drive white farmers off the land in 2000, Malema wants all white-owned land to be seized without compensation, along with nationalisation of the country’s lucrative mines. …

Enthusiastically backed by Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s second wife – who is still hugely popular in South Africa despite her suspected role in several murders – Malema is a charismatic figure who once threw a BBC correspondent out of a press conference for asking about his wealthy lifestyle.

His words have done nothing to allay the fears of white communities, some of which have taken extreme measures to protect themselves.

One such measure was the establishment of Kleinfontein, a heavily guarded white-only community of 1,000 souls in Pretoria. Sixty murders occur per day in South Africa; but “there is no armed robbery, murder or rape in Kleinfontein.”

Tiny pockets of civilization like Kleinfontein are puddles left behind by a dying ocean. A few last fish will flop in the mud, gasping for breath, as the puddles dry out. Then there will be nothing.

Don’t take my word for it. Look to Zimbabwe, which has gone from the Breadbasket of Africa under white rule to a socialist slave state prominently featuring sextillion percent inflation and widespread starvation.

Nelson Mandela was a bridge from South Africa’s prosperous Western past to its nightmarish Third World future. It is the first major Western country to die of political correctness. It won’t be the last.

Nelson Mandela personified the death of South Africa as a Western nation. That’s why liberal establishmentarians don’t just tip their hats to him for not being as awful as most Third World socialists, but fall to their knees in reverence. They are worshiping our demise.

In this respect, maybe Obama is in Mandela’s league after all.

jacob zuma
Jacob Zuma continuing the transition.

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