Bo-Jo prepares to Bo-Go

Bo-Jo prepares to Bo-Go

The BBC reported that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party MP, is preparing to campaign for Britain to exit the European Union (EU).

borris johnson

Speaking to Breitbart London earlier this week, David Cameron’s former chief of staff Alex Deane urged Mr. Johnson – lovably known as ‘Boris’ to most Londoners and politicos across the United Kingdom: “It is now clear that the Prime Minister’s European Union renegotiation is ‘thin gruel’, and that the powers that be across the European Union’s institutions have no intention of ever making the desperately needed, sweeping reforms that the union needs. With this, members of all parties, and especially the Conservative Party, need a champion with significant, mass appeal, political and cultural clout, to represent our dissatisfaction with the failure of the government to meaningfully deliver on its manifesto pledge of reform in our relationship with the EU.

This should become very interesting.

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