Germany Cracks Down Hard on “Hate Speech” on Social Media

Germany Cracks Down Hard on “Hate Speech” on Social Media

We destroyed the Nazis on the battlefield. But the authoritarian attitude that gave rise to the Nazis is harder to kill:

Germany’s law combating hate speech on social media is now live. It’s the country’s attempt to get social networks to remove offensive posts within 24 hours (or seven days, if the content is difficult to evaluate). Those that fail to comply may be fined up to 50 million euros ($58 million) by the country’s Ministry of Justice, though they’ll get a grace period until January 1st, 2018, to prepare.

A $58 million fine is powerful motivation not to allow anyone to say anything that could conceivably be construed as “hate speech.” The law could easily have the effect of abolishing right-of-center sentiment.

It should be noted that Germany seriously cracks down on hate speech, and police raided 36 homes earlier this year while investigating users who had posted such. Those who are charged with inciting racial hatred can be imprison for up to five years, according to a New York Times report.

It isn’t just Germany.

The EU just approved a law enabling it to threaten legal action against social media companies that don’t take down such content.

Don’t like it that you are being taxed into the ground to pay for the government importing millions of Islamic welfare colonists to displace you from your own country? You’ll have to spray paint your objections on a wall, because you will not be allowed to express them on the Internet.

Maybe this will diffuse resistance, as intended. Or maybe the bottled-up rage will result in total havoc not far down the road.


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