Government-Applied Medical Informatics

Mark Steyn gives us an idea of why consolidation of medical information in federal hands is such a crucial part of ObamaCare. In Britain, postcards have been warning that the Tories will snatch away the healthcare entitlements of women with breast cancer. So as not to waste money printing out postcards for everyone, Labour is apparently only sending them to women diagnosed with the disease.

So a quantum leap in targeted marketing has just been made: The governing party of a free society was able to identify women with breast cancer in swing constituencies and send them a postcard warning that if you vote for the opposition they’ll cut off your chemo and kill you.

Knowledge is power. That’s why our socialist rulers demand so much of it, and why they want us to steer clear of it.

It isn’t only private information that Big Government shamelessly exploits for political purposes:

Diane Dwelly, the patient featured on the postcard, says she thought she was being photographed for a magazine published by the National Health Service, not a campaign commercial for the Labour Party. She complains that she has “probably been used by Labour.”

In the USA, the most extreme government exploitation is inflicted by the IRS, which effectively reduces us to slaves who work only to provide for our rulers about half the year, with the other half left to us only so that we can generate money to sustain ourselves for more slavery. As Steyn points out:

In this respect, it seems relevant that the biggest employment boost from ObamaCare will be 16,500 new … doctors? nurses? hospital janitors? No. IRS agents, hired to determine whether your health-care arrangements are government-compliant. I wonder what they’ll need to know about you to establish that — and how they’ll go about finding out.

Every time government gets bigger, everything outside it gets smaller, until progressives finally achieve their ultimate objective, as set forth by Mussolini:

All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

His dream is coming to fruition.

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