Muslim Maniac Gets Pricey Renovations Courtesy of Taxpayers

Abu Hamza has managed to get himself thrown in jail by whipping up his fellow Religion of Peaceniks to kill Britons. When he gets out, he’ll find his welfare mansion nicely spruced up — courtesy of British taxpayers:

Hate preacher Abu Hamza’s family home is having a £40,000 makeover paid for by tax:­payers, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Workmen from at least three construction firms have already spent two months doing up the £700,000, five-bedroom council property in an exclusive West London street.

Astonishingly, it is the second time in only five years that council bosses have approved expensive renovations on the property where the hook-handed cleric’s wife and eight children live supported by benefits worth nearly £700 a week.

Hamza’s bloodsucking future terrorist offspring are growing up in a classy neighborhood.

Hamza’s family live in the only council property in the street in Shepherd’s Bush, an area popular with bankers and City lawyers.

Former Cabinet Minister John Hutton lived next door to the cleric’s family before putting his property on the market for £1million in June 2007.

Hamza isn’t British. But under the dhimmi moonbats who run what’s left of Europe, there’s not much chance of ever getting rid of him.

On his release, the cleric cannot be deported to his country of birth, Egypt, after a court last week allowed him to keep his British passport, to protect his human rights.

If he also wins his fight against extradition, which is due at the European Court of Human Rights in months, ministers will have no choice but to allow him to live in Britain.

All the Hamza children are British-born, meaning they are entitled to support from the state, which would continue even if Hamza is extradited.

The British face a clear choice: rebel against this lunacy, or continue to die an ignominious death.

The charming Abu Hamza exploits British moonbattery.

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