Putin SLAMS Legal System For Allowing “Sexual Emergency” Migrant To Walk After Molesting Boy [VIDEO]

Putin SLAMS Legal System For Allowing “Sexual Emergency” Migrant To Walk After Molesting Boy [VIDEO]

Vladimir Putin doesn’t often make statements about the business of other countries, but what happened in Austria was so disgusting, that he couldn’t help but weigh in. A rapist, who also happened to be a Muslim refugee, brutally raped a child at a pool… and was acquitted for some truly insane reasons. And Putin had no problem calling them out for it.

(AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky, Presidential Press Service)

(AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky, Presidential Press Service)

Putin remarked that the verdict was a “dissolution of traditional national values”. He continued, saying, “In a European country a child is raped by a migrant. The court acquitted him for two reasons: he speaks the language poorly and he did not understand that the boy, yes it was a boy, didn’t want this.”

He argued that a country that refuses to defend its children has no future and called the verdict “inconceivable”. “This is the result of the dissolution of traditional national values and a sense of guilt towards migrants,” he said.

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The attack took place last year, when an Iraqi asylum seeker raped a 10 year-old boy in a swimming pool in Vienna. The attack was so brutal that the boy had to be hospitalized. The Iraqi man’s excuse was that it was a “sexual emergency.”

Austria’s chief justice, however, clarified that the verdict is not an acquittal as Putin framed it. The verdict means that the man will be retried so the prosecutors can add a new charge, as the boy now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and the new charge could mean the man could be behind bars for even longer.

So, while Russian media reported that the rapist is being allowed to go free, that turns out to not be the case at all. This is not unusual; the Russian media frequently criticizes Europe for their political positions and even nicknames it “Gayropa.” And while Putin tries to pretend he doesn’t want to meddle in United States politics or that he doesn’t want to start another war, not many people believe him. One-third of Germans are scared of another war with Russia and considering the aggression Russia has been showing towards Ukraine and the Baltics, they have good reason to be afraid.

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