Ruling Forces Social Workers to Return EDL Member’s Confiscated Son

Careful that you don’t become involved in any organizations of which the liberal ruling class disapproves. In Airstrip One, this could be grounds for confiscating your children:

Social workers were accused by a senior judge of ‘social engineering’ after trying to take a child for adoption because his father was involved with the English Defence League.

They decided that the far-Right political group was ‘barbaric’ and the 25-year-old man’s views were ‘immoral’.

He should not be allowed to bring up his child because the boy needed ‘an environment that supports difference, equality and independence’, they said.

Every child deserves total isolation from thought crime. Otherwise they might not grow up to vote for Labour.

For now sanity prevailed:

Sir James Munby, the country’s most senior family judge, blocked the adoption, ruling that the father’s failure to be a good role model did not justify taking his child away. …

In a written ruling, he stated the father could be ‘immature’ and ‘irresponsible’ but said there was a risk of ‘social engineering’ if the toddler was to be permanently removed from his care.

Sir Munby appears to be a condescending ass, but at least he got the ruling right.

He ruled the council had failed to show the child, now 13 months old, would be at risk of harm in the care of his father and said he should be returned to his care.

Tune in again 10 years from now and see what the odds are a confiscated child will be returned to his ideologically incorrect father if Britain continues its headlong plunge into moonbattery.

Not popular among the progressives supervising Britain’s decline.

On a tip from Artfldgr. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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