There’s a Media BLACKOUT on the MASSIVE Protests Against Muslim Invasion of Europe

There’s a Media BLACKOUT on the MASSIVE Protests Against Muslim Invasion of Europe

Millions of Muslim refugees are flooding into Europe, and the way the media paints it, Europeans are welcoming them with open arms, compared to us racist, intolerant Americans. But it turns out that in Germany, there have been massive protests against the Muslim migrants.


Here is another groundbreaking news story the media won’t report. Tens of thousands in Dresden protested against the Muslim invasion of Europe.

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There is a virtual media blackout on these demos. Upwards of 20,000 people gathered on Monday to protest against the “Islamization of the West” and the current invasion of Europe.

This rally on Monday took place in Germany. Chancellor Merkel has said Germany will accept 1,000,000 migrants.

You will see more of this. As the EU and political elites continue to pursue the demise of Europe, I predict civil war.

It’s clear that people around the world are angry about accepting this refugees, but politicians aren’t listening. But will it lead to civil war in Europe? Considering Europeans have let their continent turn into the debt-addled, crime-ridden, Islamized disaster that it currently is with barely a peep of protest, an actual civil war seems highly unlikely. After all, that would require Europeans to do something besides bend over.

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