Young Girl, Trusting In a Friend – Left For Dead, Half Naked and Frozen After Being BAITED Into THIS

Young Girl, Trusting In a Friend – Left For Dead, Half Naked and Frozen After Being BAITED Into THIS

Yet another girl has become victim to the brutality unleashed upon Europe by Muslim migrants. Lured to a home by a girl she trusted, the 14 year-old girl was drugged, gang-raped and then left to die of hypothermia… except, against overwhelming odds, she survived.


From the Daily Mail:

Dennis Masser, 14, is one of the five alleged attackers accused of being involved in the attack on the girl, also aged 14, in the Harburg area of Hamburg.

Police named him and published his photograph after they were unable to locate him when he went on the run.

The alleged victim had been invited by another girl ,aged 15, back to a property where four boys were waiting, according to local reports.

Although nervous about going, it is said that she agreed because she felt safe because there was another girl in the group.

But instead of helping her, the 15-year-old girl filmed the schoolgirl’s ordeal, it has been claimed.

According to police, the girl was plied with drink. After the alleged attack, she was left outside almost naked in the freezing courtyard of the property where she nearly died from hypothermia.

Local media reported that a gang had waited until she was completely intoxicated before taking it in turns to rape her.

She was spotted by a local who raised the alarm and was taken with ‘life-threatening hypothermia’ to hospital for emergency treatment.

Prosecutor Nana Frombach confirmed the incident, saying that the badly-injured girl had little memory of what had happened although it had all reportedly been recorded on the phone of one of the alleged attackers.

A 21-year-old and a 16-year-old are currently in investigative custody.

It is beyond tragic that these children are having to pay for the mistakes made by their country’s leaders. When are these people going to learn??

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